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Adventures of Batman and Robin, The Gameplay 4,75MB AVI-Video 00:47min YouTube
Adventures of Batman and Robin, The Cutscenes 84,9MB AVI-Video 16:09min 2 Teile: YouTube YouTube
Battlecorps Intro 9,28MB AVI-Video 02:46min YouTube
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 Intro + Cutscenes 2 Teile: 325MB AVI-Video 13:42min 2 Teile: YouTube YouTube
Compton´s Interactive Encyclopedia Gameplay 32,9MB AVI-Video 05:46min YouTube
Dark Wizard Intro (x4) 89MB AVI-Video 15:45min YouTube
Devastator Intro 19,9MB AVI-Video 01:23min YouTube
Ecco the Dolphin Intro 6,67MB AVI-Video 01:28min YouTube
Eternal Champions Intro 22,7MB AVI-Video 05:04min YouTube
Flashback Intro 8,68MB AVI-Video 00:54min YouTube
Formula One: Beyond the Limit Intro 24,7MB AVI-Video 02:10min YouTube
Heart of the Alien Intro 17,9MB AVI-Video 03:53min YouTube
Iron Helix Intro/Gameplay 28,5MB AVI-Video 02:41min YouTube
Keio Flying Squadron Intro 20,1MB AVI-Video 04:26min YouTube
Lords of Thunder Intro 12,5MB AVI-Video 02:40min YouTube
Lunar: The Silver Star Intro 44,6MB AVI-Video 03:24min YouTube
Mega Race Intro/Gameplay 76,2MB AVI-Video 13:24min YouTube
Midnight Raiders Intro 16,4MB AVI-Video 03:32min YouTube
Out of this World Intro 10,2MB AVI-Video 02:31min YouTube
Popful Mail Intro 30,0MB AVI-Video 06:36min YouTube
Prince of Persia Intro 22,5MB AVI-Video 05:26min YouTube
Revenge of the Ninja Gameplay 2,81MB AVI-Video 00:37min  
Road Avenger Intro 11,1MB AVI-Video 02:14min YouTube
Robo Aleste Intro 15,7MB AVI-Video 04:11min YouTube
Shadowrun Intro 77,9MB AVI-Video 03:02min YouTube
Shining Force CD Intro 5,70MB AVI-Video 01:47min YouTube
Silpheed Intro 6,25MB AVI-Video 01:29min YouTube
Sol-Feace Intro 16,3MB AVI-Video 03:34min YouTube
Sonic CD Intro 9,04MB AVI-Video 01:31min YouTube
Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin Intro 6,50MB AVI-Video 01:32min YouTube
Thunderhawk Intro 5,84MB AVI-Video 01:18min YouTube
ThunderStorm Intro 12,0MB AVI-Video 01:49min YouTube
Vay Intro 42,1MB AVI-Video 05:30min YouTube
Wirehead Intro 12,9MB AVI-Video 02:53min YouTube
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